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Galaxy Active 2 double counts steps

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My wife received a galaxy active 2 for christmas. When trying to select a device to track steps, there are only options to select the phone as the only step counter or the watch and phone together. There is no option to select just the watch. This means that anytime she is carrying the phone while wearing the watch her steps are double counted. One thread suggested turning off work out detection for the phone but that option is greyed out. What gives? How are steps supposed to be counted accurately when the app automatically counts both sets of steps?


Hey @Kpope402! Are you still having issues with this? If not can you share with the community how you sorted it? 


If you wear your watch all the time, then indeed, you only want the watch data.  The solution is easy now: on the phone app, go to the Steps pages in the Health app, select ' Mobile '  only, AND now go up to the three dots in the upper right, and select 'Pause Step Counts'.  Then go back and switch to 'All Steps'  (phone and watch).  After that only steps from your watch are tracked.


(It could be the developers thought about this and they try to normalize the two inputs so its only counting one or the other.  One person has tested it and said it is so.  My observations indicate that indeed its not 100% doubling up, but only 10-10%.  It would be neat if a few people would test this and confirm)

Thanks for the post, was really helpful information
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