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Galaxy Active 2 44mm watch, heart sensor issue


Hello, has anyone had any problems with the heart sensor on the back of the watch coming off? This is my 4th galaxy watch and I have had the same issue. The sensor comes off and the glue ends up on my wrist. I only had this watch 3 months and Samsung will not repair and/or replace without paying a fee. Open to any suggestions.

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Are you serious. I cant believe that this is an issue with the active as well.  I bought the Galaxy watch last year, within months the sensor came off with the glue on my hands like you described.  They wanted to charge me 90 to repair and only relented after me shouting and screaming at customer service that the watch was still in warranty and wasn't my fault.  Now little under a year after, the same thing happens again. Im trying to get them to give me some form of a credit towards getting a different one. Luckily I decided to research the active only to find out it has the same issue. This is ridiculous. Wheres the acceptance theres a manufacturer's defect. Come on Samsung,  this is outrageous  people are spending good money on these products. I paid almost 300 for mine, well, a little over 300 with tax.  They are telling me about water damage. I only wear the watch when I run and in the gym....isn't this what the watch is being marketed to do.  Im just left without words. Not to mention the very rude customer service staff who seem frustrated with the complaints they get over these faux flagship products.  I believe we all should form a class action suit against Samsung.  Downright highway robbery.  

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