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Galaxy 3 overheated

(Topic created on: 28-08-2021 05:05 PM)
Grey Jay
First Poster

I have had this Galaxy 3 watch since March of 2020, never had an issue with it.  On Thursday my wrist started stinging and I thought that I had a bite or something. Noticed overheating symbol and airplane mode on watch and it shut down. After a time I thought it had cooled down, turned it back on and it happened again. This time it seemed that my wrist was burning, took the watch off and couldn't believe how hot it was. It shut down again and I noticed on the back of the watch that there was a black, rubbery substance which had come off of the watch and was now on my wrist. The cover for the sensors on the back of the watch came off, so I'm thinking that the black substance was an adhesive that kept the cover in place. I just attempted to turn the watch on and again, airplane mode and it immediately shut down. I am afraid to try and charge with the sensor cover off and it won't turn on, so any ideas of a next step to take?