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Found - Samsung Gear Fit 2 - London 7th September 2017

(Topic created on: 07-09-2017 05:29 PM)
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I've found a Samsung Gear Fit 2 in London today - 7th September 2017.  I've tried to identify a way I can contact the owner but I think its going to be very difficult as I doubt Samsung will be giving out owner data. 


I've got two intetions with this post  ;


i) If there is a way somebody can help me identify the owner via the device's serial number I would very much appreciate it.

ii) The owner may see this post and either be able to tell me their serial number from the documenation, or their date of birth which has been stored in the device - I will arrange for delivery.


Please, please, please, please don't try it on if you are NOT the owner.  I will be seeking serial number, where they visited in London that day and their date of birth - with out these details there is no chance I will be releasing it.  Please don't waste your time fishing as I will ignore the posts and it means the person who paid good money for it won't get it returned.


After a couple of weeks I'll assume I've taken reasonable steps to trace the owner and re-purpose it.

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Hi @paul-dev


Samsung wouldn't be able to help due to data protection laws. 


Even if if you get no reply here the simple fact is that the device isn't yours to keep. 


It's not legal just to keep a found item in be UK. 


Do the right thing by handing it into the police or into the location you found it as the owner maybe retracing their steps. 


Use your social media like Facebook groups. 


If you hand it i to lost property at the Police Station then You could then legally ask if the device isn't claimed within a timeframe would it become your property. 

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