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Force Galaxy Watch4 to record a lap whilst swimming

(Topic created on: 05-06-2023 08:55 AM)
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Hello all!

Does anyone know if Samsung watches have the ability to force record a lap when swimming when using the built in Samsung Health app?

When I do swim, for every 20 laps it usually misses one out. I have since set my watch so it vibrates every time it records a lap, then I know when it hasn't done so so I can try and force a lap by flicking my wrist or do some other bizzare move to trigger this. I don't mind doing this, but sometimes it takes a while until this is finally recorded, hence losing time on actual swimming!

If the watch has the ability to force record a lap in case this occurs, then this will be fantastic! Even when in water lock, we still have the use of the two buttons, so perhaps they can be used to action this? Furthermore, a mini menu controlled purely from those two buttons will be good, and for those who have it, the use of the rotating bezel.