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[Fixed] Gear S3 Frontier Boot Loop Out of Warranty - Thanks

(Topic created on: 24-02-2020 01:09 AM)
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I have a Gear S3 Frontier which I had been using at the pool with my kids for over 7 month every Saturdays.


It "went" into the infamous boot-loop about a week and a half ago, just after the swimming classes was over. Like most people know, with boot-loops, you can't switch it off. I tried many of the things recommended on other threads in here.



  • Device was about 2 MONTHS out warranty!
  • Boot loops for first 24 hours
  • Display showing glitchy artifacts (lines in wrong places) on day 2
  • Device still charges everytime you dock until day 7
  • Device miraculously connects with phonever everytime it came on till day 7
  • Device stopped displaying anything on day 7


I decided to go the most drastic path, I chose to open and see if the "self-cleaning" approach would fix it. IMHO, it wasn't worth it! I spent close to $30 on the screwdriver set. One of the tradies at the shop enthusiatically attempted to open it. He did but, tightened the screw so hard, I easily got the screw stripped on getting home. After taking it to many stores; out of information that Samsung don't honor water damage.


Stuck, I decided to head to Samsung repair centre to have a go and hear the NO "officially." Phone was admitted.

About a week later, I checked in with the repair center who confirmed, moisture damage or something which I have no clue, about 5 days later.


  • Condition Code: 1
  • Symptom Code: A51
  • Defect Code: A
  • Repair Code: A

On the 7th day at the repair centre, I got notification to come pick up my watch.


I got the biggest surprise of meself!!!


New Watch Body!

New Watch back cover!!

New Display!!


I took the wrapping covers off myself. About the only old thing were the straps.


My Summary: Before you write Samsung off, give them a go. In my experience, SAMSUNG when over and beyond and gave me a (New) watch! Without having to pay!fixed-watch.png