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Fit2 not accurately counting steps - under counting

(Topic created on: 11-02-2021 12:12 AM)

I just purchased my first wearable, the Fit 2.  I have done all the troubleshooting for  accurate step counts (making sure band is in contact with my skin, that I'm moving my arms like normal, wear it on non-dominant arm, make sure Health app notes All Steps) and it's consistently under counting.  The other day I did a 4 mile hike and it reported about half the steps I took.  This morning, I did my usual 45 minute elliptical workout.  I selected that workout and it reported about 2000 steps when I know, from using the Samsung Health app on my phone for years, that my workout is between 5000 and 6000 steps.  Nothing seems to help - is this an unsolvable problem with the device, in which case I'll return it?

UPDATE:  I did get a hold of support last night and did a reset to the unit.  This morning it seems to be working fine.  I did notice that is tracked my workout steps accurately, and then it reset and the steps were lower.  However, I saw another video by someone where they said that the 24 hour cycle for the Fit2 is from 7am to 7am, NOT midnight to midnight, so this would explain the change that happened since my workout started before 7 and ended after.  However, I went back to Samsung Support and they said this is incorrect and it uses a standard midight to midnight 24 hour period.  It has been consistently feeding correctly to my Samsung Health app, and hasn't done this again, so I think it's ok.  However, it does appear that when I select an exercise on the watch tracker itself, even if that exercise is something that entails steps (like my elliptical, walking, hiking, etc) it tracks the time, calories burned, heart rate, but doesn't accurately track the steps.  I can't find anything in any of their support that tells me it SHOULD be tracking steps during an exercise so it seems this isn't a tracked item (which is are stepping, it should track them).  I am more concerned at the end of the day with my total active minutes which this is tracking ok so I'm ok with this but if I ever decide to upgrade I will look for a device that does a better job of this.  I can't be bothered to spend any more time on this issue and have figured out how to make what it CAN do work for me for now but I definitely don't love this device.



many users noticed this issue. My wife has Galaxy Fit 2 for a few days and yes, it counts half of the real steps.

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It probably occurs after the January update. Other topics are few weeks old and nobody from Samsung did not tell us they will fix it yet.

We are going to return our Fit 2 if there is no fix soon, because it is useless without proper step counting.


I understand that it takes 10 minutes of movement before it starts tracking so this solution/reference was not helpful for me.  I got more of what I needed from the text chats I had with support but do appreciate your comments.