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Finaly Recieved Gear Fit2 Pro FW update - More good than bad for me :¬)


Got the FW after checking for it 10 times a day over the last month :¬( 

Points of note...

1) S.Health multiple eroneous weight mesurements - FIXED - Very good fix as manualy deleteing was a pain
2) HR locking up on exercise start - FIXED - Hope it stays fixed
3) Floor counting - NOT FIXED - Very bad


You still have to climb on top of a chair at the top of my victorian house stairs to get it to register - NOT SAFE

the floor thing anoys me but what can ya do :¬)

all it takes is User Defined Floor height in the UI and every one would be happy but no :¬(


Oh well :¬(


Full battery drain from 00:00 -> 07:00 this morning :¬(


no location, no wifi, screen off

continious heart monitoring for health reasons and Bluetooth is ON (but its unconnected to phone nighttime)


Im guessing its only me getting this with the new firmware


trying a bootloader hard recovery now but im guessing the funs over now


Just wanted to give you my final thoughts...


After a few bootloader revcoveries and fresh loading  of new firmware...

It has stopped draining the battery in 7 hours... 19% overnight now instead of 100%


Maybe there is some new battery recalibration logic going on but its working ok now :¬)


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