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Faulty Watch4 Classic

(Topic created on: 31-05-2023 01:59 PM)
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I have an issue with galaxy watch4 classic. It’s turning off under 40% battery ,some days it’s ok, some days it’s turning off up to 5 times. I have asked Samsung if it can be replaced and they refused,I have sent it for repair to Samsung's 3rd party warranty repair service and they also said that they run tests and for them it looks ok so they won’t replace the battery but the issue is still there. I really don’t know what to do or say to Samsung to actually consider exchanging the watch? It was a present for someone and they have tried resetting the watch multiple of times. They use only Samsung charger so that’s not an issue. Does anyone has any advice what to do, maybe someone was in similar situation and got it resolved with Samsung support?
Just to add on to it I have messaged Samsung's 3rd part service centre and they sent me report of check they have done. They only check if battery health is over 40% but my issue starts under 40%.