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False misleading promotion advertising

(Topic created on: 31-01-2022 08:16 PM)
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On January 25th or 26th of 2022 I received a message from Samsung shop on my device notification saying Galaxy watch 4 34% off trade in maximum 185 price 19.99. I thought that was awesome so I went ahead went online and start the process for the sale only every time I did it it was over $100 I back out go back to the promo part again and start the promotion again and again it comes up to over $100 so I know if I was tired come on from work whatever so I lay down I took a screenshot first of the promotion when I woke up I called Samsung spoke to many different customer service reps they finally gave me a phone number to call to talk to the promotion team who deals with promotions sounded good okay I did that I called the guy who helped me he went ahead and he was doing it and it can't giving him over 100 also he said no worries he's giving me a number and to use that number he said go ahead and pay for it normally and will deduct the price to bring it back to the 19.99 including my shipping shipping and handling so I went ahead and I use my car to pay for it when it was shipped I called them back like he said I gave him the number they tell me they don't know why he did that for but they're going to escalate it they escalated and the promotions team tell me no promotion existed like that so now you calling me a liar after I screenshot the promotion you told me there's no promotion you won't honor it now I have to watch and I don't want it I do not want to pay that much money for it I was willing to trade in my watch and pay $19.99 for it not over 100 this is a misleading practice you trying to trick us into purchasing stuff for you from you I mean and that's not fake that's false advertisements I don't know if I can get a legal team in on this and sue them because I've been a Samsung customer for more than 15-20 years and this is how you treat my customers he's lying to us and tricking us and trying to cheat US even customer service there's no patience in my account with the number that I gave them that says the prior representative said they will refund my money and yet here it is they're telling me no. Does anybody know what I can do how can I rectify this because I don't want this watch for that much money. Also given the time of the screenshot it was on January 25th that I saw it and was trying to do it and it wasn't working and I fell asleep and I woke up I proceeded to call them so they can do it for me.

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I'm afraid you have posted in the Samsung UK community.
If you go to

Post in there as they will be better to advise what to do
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Id like to reply regardless of being in the UK.  Because im in usa and this popped up, again ->regardless.

This person is right they should be reimbursed.   However, i can see that it is a fake ad. 

If you do the math thats not 34% of $185.00 it's over 75%.  If it were 34% it would be like $54 off leaving total due $130. 

A company like samsung likely wouldn't give a sale of 75-85 %.

If you see ads like this its most likely a hacker or an employee trying to steal money.  Which btw is rampant today in North America. 

They should honor it. It appears evident that NO company in USA is REAL ANYMORE.  Theyve sold us out! Clearly.  And i think it has something to do with the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA & The United States of America being owned and operated by the Royal fam, this according to some Free Mason who either lied to me or told the truth ya never know with them.