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Endomondo on Galaxy Watch - could it be the worst performing 3rd party app in the Galaxy Store?

(Topic created on: 02-04-2020 05:52 PM)

I'm using a Galaxy Watch (7BE9), model number SM-R800, with One UI version 1.5, Tizen Version, SW version R800XXU1DSL1

I have installed Endomondo from the Galaxy Store at version 2.4.2 (2-Apr-19)

It is so full of bugs that it is pretty much unuseable:

  • With the app recording a workout, it will drop out of the workout stats pages, return to the top level page and pause the workout recording - without announcement.  If not regularly checked the workout will no longer be tracked
  • During the workout the watch screen will sleep, while this happens the workout tracking display will not update and as a result the voice reporting of the stats does not function.  When the screen is woken up, the display updates and all the stats announcements play.
  • Unless the widget is the 1st one from the clock, the performance of the app is even worse
  • It takes about 30secs for the app to achieve GPS tracking - it seems to miss a significant number of position data packets generated by the GPS, failing to start tracking promptly.
  • The Start Workout option from the top screen fails to start GPS tracking, only the timer
  • The Split Pace/Speed voice report does not function
  • The Avg Pace/Speed calculation is wrong for some reason Total Distance/Total Time is beyond the app developers capability
  • It is impossible to report bugs to the developers, the link goes to an out of date support page with no means to contact the developers

The app has evidently never been properly tested, yet for some reason it has Samsung's endorsement (because it is offered in the Galaxy Store).  It carried the Under Armour logo and is (obviously) associated to the excellent phone/tablet/PC version of the Endomondo app. 

It is a total embarrassment to all concerned.

  1. Does any one know a work around to make it work?
  2. Does anyone know how to contact the developers?
  3. Is there a worse app out there?