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ECG function for Galaxy Watch Active2 in UK

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Can't get any info from Samsung on timelines, or even if this feature will ever be enabled in the UK. So frustrating to see other countries starting to get ECG and not hearing anything for UK. Anyone else heard anything, or have a way to install the Health Monitoring app on a UK watch?

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But UK aint EU anymore right?🤔

Also interested

Samsung health app works on all andriod phones, and even on iphones. 

got one for free

Thats what they said last September when I purchased the watch

I would be interested to know if trading standards would take the view that the watch was sold under misrepresentation of goods

I agree, this was one of the selling point of this Samsung device and still nothing yet. it's a shame 

Agreed thats the only reason I bought it it was a close choice between this and another make

I chose this one because of its name 


SAMSUNG are just conning their customers


I will NEVER buy another of their products again 


I have always bought their flag ship products S10 Edge Tabs


No more they have lost my custom with this con 

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I have a need to monitor my blood pressure which is why I bought this device. I feel let down. come on Samsung get your act together and get this update rolled out!
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