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Ear buds offer for £39 when buy new Z flip 3 - no record

(Topic created on: 01-01-2022 12:52 PM)
First Poster

Hello, this is my first post, so here goes, In October 21 Samsung promotion for new Z Flip 3 phone gave free smartwatch ( received fine). There was also a Samsung stand in the Nottingham Victoria centre where if you showed your proof of Phone purchase you would receive new Earbuds for the price of £39 in various colours,. I paid via contactless, and was told they would be sent to me. I never received a receipt or email at any stage but didn't think to query it.  It is now over 2 months on and nothing been heard. My credit card statement shows the payment to Samsung electronics, i have contacted them and they say can find no record of this promotion.  Is there anyone out there who took part in this and has been successful (or not).