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Don't buy the Active 2, say no to upcoming Watch 3

(Topic created on: 14-07-2020 11:04 AM)

No really now, have you watched the video reviews or read the several forums about this Active 2  ? Have you seen anybody saying something good about it ? Avoid it at all costs.

This product does not grow, they don't invest on it.

This post is a cummulative experience of all the reviews here. You don't actually have to read every post in here about the innacuracies of this watch as far as the Fitness functions are concerned.

A huge warning before you feel you were robbed !


With each passing day, several bugs of frozen screen, the smartface that crashes and resets itself, completely different data measurements, GPS with terrible update rate ... lack of feedback from Samsung developers. I've already reset the device, I've formatted it ... and it always comes back with these problems.

And reading in some places, it is recurring with other Galaxy Active 2 users.

I am completely disgusted to buy a Samsung product like the Galaxy Watch Active 2. I am sad that I did not buy a Garmin 245, Polara or even a used Apple Watch. I definitely do not recommend GWA for anyone who wants to use for sports and I am already recommending alternatives to it for the running group of which I am a part. The discrepancy between the measured data from GWA in relation to my friends with Garmin, Polara and Apple Watch is huge!