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Does the Samsung Galaxy Fit work on iPhone 6s if I just use the Samsung Health app for tracking?

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Recently ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fit but then noticed afterwards that it does not sync with Galaxy wear app. I do however see the Galaxy Fit icon for the Samsung health app. Would it work if I manage my widgets on my watch on my girlfriend's iphone X while I use the Galaxy Fit and then track everything through the Samsung Health on my iPhone 6s? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! 


Galaxy Fit isn't compatible with iphone 6s. It is supported by iphone 7 and later models. 

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No, iPhone 7 or higher.  I bought one for my mom and had to exhange it for a fitbit hr.  


Can somebody explain why Galaxy Fit(e) does work with iPhone 6S Plus, but Galaxy Fit no ? It's really funny, band that cost two times less work, but one that cost more none. Please explain me.


The app FAQ says it is supposed to work with iPhones 5 and up. I have both a 6S and a XS and it works with neither. The Bluetooth indicates that it is connected but the Galexy Fit app and the Samsung Health app do not find the fitness band to continue pairing. Interestingly, the Wuick start guide days that the "Galaxy Wearable app requires Android 5.0 or higher ..." with absolutely NO MENTION of iOS. Which makes me think that it was not designed to work with iPhones. 

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