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DOA Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier?

(Topic created on: 29-11-2021 11:04 PM)
Sam Costanza
First Poster

Last night,  I charged my Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier to a green light on the charger, put it on, and went to sleep. This morning, I found it had stopped at 6:37am (at 9:45am, no less), and was no longer responding to the phone. The Bluetooth button was off, and would not come back on. The battery was down to 30% after about 8 hours, and it wouldn't reset. After fiddling with it for a while, the time reset, but it would not reconnect to the phone. I thought maybe it was a software issue, since it had been a month or more since the last time I restarted it, so I powered it off, rebooted, and still nothing. 

After seeing someone had success with a factory reset, I bit the proverbial bullet and reset the watch. Now it comes on, displays a message that it can't connect to the phone and that I should contact customer support, and it shuts off. This watch is about 5 years old, and well-loved, but surely this can't be the end of its lifespan, can it? What can I do to bring the old girl back to life?

Help me, Samsung, you're my only hope!