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Discolouration / Tarnish on Galaxy Watch Rose Gold

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I have a Galaxy watch 42mm purchased in June last year and I’ve noticed some tarnish or discolouration on the casing.

Has anyone experienced similar and if so is there a way to clean it please? I’ve used a soft cloth but no luck.  The photo below is of the worst area.


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hi yes I have this on my watch too.  No idea how to make it come off.  Its such a shame because its rather noticeable 


Take of the band and clean it with water (no soap because this will destroy your screen over time) and dry it off


I no longer like wearing my Rosegold Galaxy watch. It's UGLY! 


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Mine has it to. Samsung told me it is userswear, but that is not fair. Also is the colour changed from rose to yellow (my daughter has the same, on the picture right). I think this is not my faalt, maybe a coatproblem? It has no scradges, I am very careful with it, but look at it now! I have send it back for guarantee, keep my fingers crossed.



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This is disgusting and disgraceful from Samung (I was told from the shop where I bought it, that it's not covered).


My wife had the watch 6 months, was working from home and the watch spent most of the week on "the side" (not worn). She never even got it wet as she wanted to take care of it! 


My 46mm chrome takes a real beating and I even swim in the sea with it. But this is a rip off!


Would I have bought it had I known this rose gold plating/coat wears off after 2 months of use? NO!


I am really disappointed in Samsung for this and they should offer to recall these inferior items.




Did your wife spray on her perfume with the watch on?


Not even, no.

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