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Data missing Samsung health

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A lot of the times I'm trying to record a workout using my samsung gear active 2 and I then go on my phone to look at the workout on samsung health, it says "data missing" on the lower right underneath the heart rate graph.


Am I wearing the Samsung gear active 2 incorrectly?  


What's the best way to make sure that the sensor can pick up all of my heart rate data?


I feel I should point out that I do a lot of high intense workouts, and I don't know if that is a factor.  


Thank yo . 


Morning @Crisqo1984 ,


are you referring to the Galaxy Watch Active 2? If so, are you able to tell me what version do you have (Bluetooth or LTE) and what phone do you have this connected to? Is this happening with all your workouts?


Take a look at this handy guide that our colleagues in Africa have put together to find how to wear this correctly:


Watch: SM-R835U


Phone:  Samsung Galaxy s9+


I've looked at the guide. It doesn't help. 


I see that it can't be too tight or too loose, but I'm still getting "data missing" when I look at the workout on samsung health. 

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Same with me, im using gear s3 frontierScreenshot_20200630-234848_Samsung Health.jpg



Same here. Hr only works for 5 mins. But while i run i can go to hr and it tracks it. Jusy not in the exetcise mofe for running...

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