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Constant Gear Sport problems

(Topic created on: 16-07-2020 02:45 PM)

In the absence of any way to email Samsung during this covid pandemic I will vent my frustration here in the hope that someone will respond.


Having bought a Gear Sport I was initially pleased with it but after a few months it developed a fault with the battery leading it to not charge or turn on.


Returning it to the service centre fixed this but subsequent to this the heartrate stopped working consistently - in particular it would record far to high when walking and only the first three minutes when cycling.  In addition the automatic cycling detection stopped working.

Then the battery on my S10 phone started dying quickly - blamed by the phone on the Wear App.


Querying this with Samsung got no sensible response but it is all immaterial now as the watch got wet last weekend and despite being rated to 5atm for swimming workouts (and being fine before the battery change by Samsung) it seems that a drop of water got in through the power button causing corrosion inside and killng the watch completely.


I guess what I would like to know is:

- why does Samsung Wear trash ~ 20% of the phones battery per day when Hauwei Health uses < 2%

- why did the Gear Sport never manage more than 2 days on a single charge (not the 3-5 that the specs state)

- why does a Sport watch not record heart-rates whilst doing a manual work-out (and is outperformed by a £30 Hauwei wristband)?

- why does a 5atm Swimming workout watch leak and then die when it gets wet?


and lastly - since I now need a new smartwatch what would you guys recommned?  I was looking at a Galaxy Watch as I want a week of battery life ideally but I have to say given the problems I have experienced with expensive Samsung products I am getting tempted by a Hauwei GT2e or Garmin vivoactive 4 ....

A week with a galaxy watch!!! You're falling in to the same trap my friend. I have a galaxy watch 46mm and this will last 2 days on full charge. I haven't had the issues you have experienced and I have used my watch fairly frequently for pool and open water swims with no leak issues for over 12 months. I have had tracking issues which seem to be resolved now.
Regarding what sports watch, really depends on what you are going to use it for. I'm going for Garmin next, I find the galaxy watch open water swimming tracking to be erratic and lacking.