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Cannot sync 2 record from samsung galaxy watch active 2 to my strava account

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This morning I have two activities in a row (both are run outdoor) as picture. When i press "Tap to sync" in my watch, only the newest activity is synced to my account. The second activity is not synced. But I cannot find any "Tap to sync" to sync this record in my watch.

How can i solve this problem? Because I am in a race, so that this record is very important to me.

Thanks for support.


There's now another update on Samsung watch for the Strava app. I've done it as I had the same issues as the above comments. The "sync ride" option in the history of activities has now disappeared and the ride I wanted to upload hasn't uploaded so beware folks! 

I had to just record my last rides on my phone. I haven't tried the watch to upload since the update, I'll give it a whirl later and let you know 👍


Same here. Every app has newest version 😞 GWA2 with S10.


i downloaded this new version and already lost 2 morning run records cause strava crashes when i finish the run of just 5km... incredible. i think that there is some "political" problem between american strava and samsung, cause it's impossible that afetr more than one year they cant resolve the problem 


I actually enabled sync between samsung health and strava on the server side. I record with S Health on the watch, and it syncs automatically to strava....

So looks like not political. Semms that strava are having trouble in general after the changes they announced a few weeks ago.


ah really? next time i will try to do the same, register with s health and then sync with strava! hope it works. now i can see my morning run in the app of s-health, but not in strava ahahaha


This doesn't work for me, Strava will not pick up any activies from Samsung Health despite being linked. The other way around works, if an activity has been recorded in Strava it will be visible on Samsung Health.

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