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Can't receive or make calls on watch 5

(Topic created on: 31-08-2022 12:38 PM)

Hi. I now have the new Samsung watch 5. All is good apart from I cant make or receive calls without having my phone on me (so when I leave the house I have to take my phone with me.  A bit pointless!)   I have a galaxy S21 plus 5G and I have Ver 12. So can't think this would be a reason for it not to work.  I've contacted the mobile provider (o2) and they've checked everything and say the settings are OK and samsung say the same (but they will replace my watch but don't think that's the issue as its brand new)

The o2 shop have a 5G bolt on that can't come off (they've tried) could this be the issue or have I missed a very important check box somewhere on the watch or phone.? I have updated all software (which there wasn't any). 
I haved checked the esim is on my mobile phone and it is.. It's becoming frustrating 
Does anyone else have this problem?
I have two Google accounts but can't see that this is the issue? Or could it be? I have moved my sim card (physical card into sim 1 as it was in sim2 and thought this could be causing an issue but no) 
 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated TIA
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Karene1 thank you so much ,i know this is an old thread but these 2 simple steps and my 4 days of hell trying to get it to call is now over 🤩