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Can not install samsung health update.


After Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm with One UI update,  I can't install Samsung health update on the watch. Watch just disconnects when update is installing. I have Samsung Galaxy S9 (One UI)  &   Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (One UI).


I did a full reset. You can backup your settings and restore it later. 

I followed the suggested stpeps, but Samsung Health doesn't appear in the "my apps" list of Galaxy Store in my watch. 

That's a shame ;( I was hoping you'll get the same as me.  After updating it reports v4.5.12301 for Samsung Health. 

I think the new Version comes really with latest Firmware. When i check the Version on the clock (tutorial greatanubis) its the newest Version. But the App on the Smartphone showing it wrong and wants to update. The Problem is the Galaxy Wearable App or the Galaxy Plugin and not the Samsung health app. 

Not sure but ... Maybe, that could be the reason why I had to reset my watch.

Great anubis, thanks, your steps on page 3 helped me. I needed to reset my watch because I didn't have update option, after reset it was there.

Nice one, glad to hear that :smiling-face:

I have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy watch 46. It shows me there is a update for Samsung S Health available, but when I try to update the watches disconnects...

Same for me with a Watch 46

I've created an account only to respond to @GreatAnubis.


I've managed to update my watch by following step by step the instructions. Had to go with Option 2), since I had no "Update" option for Samsung Health otherwise.


Edit: Nope, it didn't work. The version is the same, after the "update"

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