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Can I wear Watch 4 on my dominant hand?

(Topic created on: 19-10-2022 11:36 PM)

I've searched to see if anyone has already asked this and can't find anything.

I've just got a Galaxy watch 4, as a replacement for my Fitbit Charge 4. I'm impressed with it except for one thing.

I can find a setting for whether I want to wear it on my left or right hand but no option to say whether this is my dominant hand or not. Typically I guess you should wear it on your non-dominant hand but I'm left handed and would still prefer my watch on my left.

Is it going to hugely overcount exercise? Or is the difference negligible?

Fitbit has an option for dominant hand wearing. How come the supposedly more sophisticated Watch 4 doesn't have this option. Is it likely to come in a future software update?

I've tried wearing watches and fitness trackers on my right (non dominant) hand before and it's just wrong. Feels completely alien to me. Even trying to fasten the strap is fiddly.



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That sounds impressive. I am never likely to run on a treadmill. Or indeed run anywhere. Walking, hiking, cycling, yoga and a physical job is my limit.

Another day where the Fitbit (non-dominant hand) was a higher count than the Galaxy (dominant hand) Fitbit was higher by 2000 steps. I think I have my answer. Even on the dominant hand the Galaxy has to be closer to the real step count.

Definitely, I am standing by Galaxy watch 5 pro in relation to hardware abilities and accuracy, for example Blood pressure.... Absolutely hat off, HR... 100% accurate

The totally totally useless Samsung health app... Or not up to date (in fighting with Garmin and Apple) is putting this watch down

I saw recent events for developers.. Samsung was begging.. Absolutely begging for 3rd party developers to support them and gave a new platform call..Health Connect as well

Let's see in another 500 years time Samsung might catch up