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Calories not tracked correctly - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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Hi Everyone, 


I have issues recording the calories burned correctly while working out with my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. I usually choose 'circular training' on my watch when I am doing my home workouts and the calories I seem to burn are always the same related to the time (also they seem quite low). Apparently the pulse is not taken into account as the watch always shows the same amount of calories burnt e.g. it is always 124 calories after 30 minutes no matter how intense or not intense my workout was and no matter how high or low my pulse is. And before anyone asks - my pulse is tracked during the whole workout, the watch just does not seem to take it into account. 

Did anyone have similar issues and knows what might be the problem? 


Thanks for any help, 



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hey, ive asked this question as well but no answers, I can go on a 2000 footstep walk and I've burned according to samsung health 1700 footsteps or so which is impossible for such little movement, a fix would be great
I have the same issue. I do spinning 3 times a week for about 45 to 50 minutes a time. my heart rate is usually in the 160's and higher but for the duration of the workout it says I burn betweek 380 and 420 calories. that's way under the calory burn I expect from the effort of the workout. The way Samsung calculate calories burned is so unbelievably wrong. Hope it gets sorted soon
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Hi Melina. Did you ever find a solution? If I do a 30 min workout it always show 189 calories and an hour is always double that, 379 calories. For over a year now has never shown a different figure.

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