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Buds2 Pro - Advice!

(Topic created on: 07-05-2023 12:25 AM)
Hi all,

Wondering if any of you have experienced issues with Samsung like this? 

Feb 20th I bought the Buds2 Pro, using them with my S23 Ultra and loving them! Randomly the right one completely fails, sound is poor, barely audible so I book in to go to my local experience store. They take the Buds off me and a week later they tell me to come in and collect them. I head to the Samsung store and when I am handed them back the replaced Bud is a different color to the left one and the finish is different, one is satin and the new one matte. It's only slight but being a few months old and given the cost I'd like them to match. 

Back and forth ensues, the person I initally speak to advises that's how the replacements come, they're an updated version. I complain and the shift manager comes to talk with me who grudgingly agrees to 'raise it' as I decline the repair and refuse to sign for them. 

A few days later the area manager calls and agrees to raise a request to get the other bud replaced which arrived today. 

Picked them up and the color is still out, its only slight but the finish of the buds match (they're matte) but the case is the soft-touch or satin. Given how insignificant it is, I accept and sign for them. At least the buds almost match right?

Get home and realized that when I handed mine in they had the large ear-tips on and these have been returned with medium but also the ANC doesn't seem to be working at all and it was hands down amazing before. I could be in a crowded room and not hear a peep, now i can hear the dog breathing! Also feels like the sound quality is less bass and more teble than before.

I've got a complaint open amd someome is calling me on Tuesday next week but i'm not sure what to do next? 

The case is still the same but these feel like a completely different product based on the actual buds themselves. Is it possible they gave me buds pro ear 1 pieces back instead? 

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I can confirm the buds pro will not fit or charge in a buds 2 pro case. The buds pro ear buds are bigger and are noticeable larger in size to the buds 2 Pro.
Thanks Fiona! Is it possible they've updated them and they're just not as good anymore?