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Buds Pro ambient sound

(Topic created on: 11-03-2022 05:21 PM)
Hi all, juts got my buds Pro from the s22 ultra promotion.
I have some buds plus and some Airpods Pro.

The Buds Pro fit nicely, the ANC is almost as good as the Airpods Pro very scientifically tested next to my kitchen extractor. It's very close but I would say the Airpods just win but not really noticeable. 

But and here lies the problem, on Ambient mode they are garbage. 

Sure they let external sound through but the constant white noise / hiss is shocking and is you turn the level up the hiss just gets louder. 
I don't expect silence at all the Apple Airpods have a very slight background noise but almost inaudible. 

These things just hiss loud. I can not walk around anywhere even slightly quiet with them in with nothing playing as it would drive you mad. 

I work with my hands as an engineer but need to take a lot of calls so I end up wearing my airpods for hours on their ambient function and to be honest it's like having hearing ***** in as I can almost here better with them in. 

These buds Pro are useless even the cheap buds plus have less hiss on them.

Very pood indeed if this is normal. 

What's other people's experience with the buds on ambient mode somewhere quite?