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Buds+ pairing issue

(Topic created on: 05-07-2021 09:39 AM)
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I bought Buds+ at the airport on the outbound journey. No matter what I tried, the right Bud wouldn't charge/connect to my S10. In the app there are 3 icons, left bud, right bud and charging case - the right bud was continually greyed out. I tried just having the right bud in the charging case, wireless charging, a reset via the Wearables app, all other options you can find on YouTube etc. All to no avail. 

On my return I went to the shop and they exchanged them without question. All good until I got home and the new pair had exactly the same issue!

Tried everything again to no avail. There was an update available but I couldn't apply it as both buds needed to be connected.

I tried connecting to my partner's mobile and had the same issue. As a last resort I tried connecting to my son's A10. Interestingly his version of the wearables app only has two icons, Buds and Case. Maybe because of this, his app let me carry out the update! And both buds worked! I re-paired them to my phone and they both worked. I am not sure whether I was happy or exasperated at this point. This took about 1 minute on his phone while I had wasted more than 4 hours on mine (longer than I would normally have done but I was abroad so had no option).

So, I guess the moral is try to pair on various phones until maybe one works. As far as a customer onboarding process goes this was a disaster, I normally buy another brand peripherals and after this would never buy nor recommend a Samsung peripheral again (although I admit the sound is good and they fit my small ears perfectly).