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Buds+ left bud very often does not connect

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I am using e new pair of Buds+ and very often, the left earbud+ is not connecting when I take them out of the case.

Is anyone having the same issues?


resetting does not help, cleaning them does not help, when they are in the case, the green light is on if I only insert the left one, so it is even fully charged, but clearly, it is having a connection problem.


Very rarely I get sound on both buds+.


Thanks if you have advice


Try the find my buds function in the app 


Hi, thanks for the suggestion but that does not help at all, as the left earbud is simply "not connected" even when it is outside the case. On the wear app, the right bud is showing, fully charged, the left bud is just showing "not connected"

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Hi wouterdeg, Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Galaxy Buds+. Here's a few things that you can try:
1. Place both buds in the charging case for 10-15 seconds, then place them back in your ears.
2. Disable Bluetooth on the connected mobile device for around 20 seconds then re-enable it. 
3. Open the Galaxy Wearables app > About Earbuds > Reset Earbuds

If the issue persists then I recommend visiting a Samsung Support Centre where an engineer can inspect the buds for you. To find your nearest one please check the link below, select 'Mobile Device > Phones, Tablets and Wearables' and enter your post code.

Also, I found doing the above worked also take the opportunity to go into settings/device maintenance and get everything working to 100% which also helps.

Great idea!


sent the buds back for inspection, problem persisted

awaiting my replacements now...


sounds like the best option. let us know how you get on.



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