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Buds+ Ambient sound not working during calls


At the beginnig of May I bought Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (SM-R175NZKAEUA).

Everything was workign fine, but after some updates, the functionality activating Ambient sound during calls stopped working.


I found some people on Reddit having the same issue:


I have the latest SW:

Buds firmware: R175XXU0ATF2

Galaxy Wearable app:

Galaxy Buds+ Plugin: 1.3.20061651

Android 9


I tried to reset the Buds over the Wearable app, I cleared data and cache of the Warable app, I completely removed Wearable and Buds+ Plugin and instaled it again. None of it helped.


All the features work fine (even the Ambient sound). But when I start calling, the ambient sound is deactivated.

When stop calling, it activates again.


@Talicz: Can you try opening the Wearables app on your phone and going to Ambient Sound > On > Advanced > Use Ambient Sound During Calls > ON, to see if this helps. You can also activate Ambient sound using the touchpads on the earbuds. First, open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then tap Touchpad. Under Touch and hold touchpad, tap Left or Right, and then tap Ambient Sound. Next, touch and hold the earbud of your choice to use Ambient Sound. The touch-sensitive sensor must be clean in order for this to work. Let me know if any of the above steps resolve your issue.

Hi Andrew,


The feature "Use Ambient Sound During Calls" is On. During my troubleshooting I was trying to disable, make a call, enable, make a call.. but it's still the same.


Regarding the Touchpad settings, I have the Left headphone set with Ambient sound mode. And I can enable the mode by touching and holding the touchpad. But when calling, it disables the Ambient sound AND the long touch mutes microphone instead of enabling the Ambient sound (I assume it is a correct behavior of the Touchpad).


It's purely about the "Use Ambient Sound During Calls" functionality. And I can tell you that on 11th of May 2020 when I bought it and installed the latest FW, it was working fine.

Just a remark:
I haven't got chance to test it on any other phone.
Name: LG G7 Thinq
Model: LM-G710EM
HW rev: 1.0
Android: 9
Kernel: 4.9.112
Build: PKQ1.181105.001
SW verison: V20k-EUR-XX

I can also enable a Debugging on my phone and send you some traces if you tell me what to look for.
The System Tracing allows me to trace on may categories including Audio.
Today I received an update of Galaxy Wearable, version The issue still persist.
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I have a similar issue. Ambient sound is on but during the call touchpad does not work at all.

Additionally, sound quality is poor during the call. It looks like my earbuds switch to HSP/HFP profile during the call. I think they are related to each other.

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