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Brand new SAM Galaxy 4 watch and its replacement only "heat" in LTE mode in Greece. S claims watch is fine. Any one else?

(Topic created on: 18-07-2023 04:15 PM)
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Dear Samsung's Friends

I got a brand new galaxy watch 4  as my old watch 3 got water and stopped functioning.When ESIM was inserted in the GW4 I found that it cannot make phone calls nor download data over LTE and claims that it is heating up. My Watch3 did make phone calls even in remote areas with the same carrier and number.

I took the one week SGW4 to repair and changed screen, board...! Tried with the new replacement and again heats up in LTE mode and goes to airplane mode until it cools down. Does take some to cool down by the way. Today, Sams. told me that the watch is fine after extended testing for the second time, yet when I did in front of the technician's eyes inserted the esim and tried to connect to the LTE network again the GW4 said it heats up and went to no-charging and flight-mode.

So I left for the third time my watch to the samsung service. Unofficially I was told today, a new piece of information, that it is the fault of my carrier (vodafone) because they have reduced the number of antennas in greece. Yet, when I tried my watch today I was literally next to a city vodafone antenna (hope it was 4G). I can receive and send sms but not data or voice calls, when in the past I  could perform lte calls with the same carrier with the watch 3.

Has any one, some opinions on this story ? Have you seen similar issues ? I find it illogical to buy a good watch to find out that its 3rd time out of service it is still not working in LTE calls. The story has more info into it..

Does anyone know if GW5 has similar issues?


Galaxy Watch4