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Bought the s10+, now watch faces are gone

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 Just paired my galaxy watch phone with the new s10+, the watch had to reset, and now all my bought watch faces are gone.

I could not find my old faces on my old phone as well, those faces I bought and yet they do not appear anywhere.


Where can I find my old watch faces? are they all gone?

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This happened to me when I changed from a Samsung Galaxy s8 to Note 9 and had to reset the Frontier watch. 


If memory serves I found them in my Galaxy Wearables App and synced them back.



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Where can we find a list of purchased faces? I don't want to search through thousands of options looking for the one I wanted

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Hey. Found it. Go into the Galaxy Store app. Click the 3 buttons in the top right corner. Then, click "my page". Then you'll see a list. Select "receipts" won't be able to install from there, but you'll see the names of the stuff you've purchased, so you can then search the name and find it. Hope this helps

Yes, I can see the purchased watch faces here but i cannot reinstall any of them! Did not expect such a badf interface from Samsung

I have a new Note10+...I was knocking myself out  looking for my purchased items in The Galaxy Wearable App (Gear App).

I finally found them in the Galaxy Store App. I believe that  you need to be logged on to  your Samsung account in order to download them. 


1. Open the Galaxy store app 

2. Tap the 3 bars on the top  left

3. Tap My Apps

4. Tap watch. 

5. Tap the download button on each one that you want to  restore

I found the list of my purchased Watch faces but when I search for a couple of them either by the creator's name, the description, and the seller, it does not show as something i can purchase. I found my others but these couple i cannot find. It is as if they arent on the store anymore and if that is the case, I would want a refund and I do not know who to contact for that

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I have a Galaxy Watch Active.  I have been using the Golden Floral Digital Watch Face since I bought it 12 months ago  Yesterday another face appeared on my phone so I tried to tried to reinstate the original one but couldn't find it under the Watch Faces section of the Galaxy Wear app on my phone.  Thankfully, I was able to locate it and re-download it from the My Apps section of the Galaxy Store app on my phone.

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