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Battery test for Galaxy Watch 46mm LTE

(Topic created on: 05-03-2020 11:28 AM)

Hi SAMSUNG Community!


Thanks for accepting me! I'm new to this community yet I am not new to technology & R&D - I have led that in mixed reality HW and SW for almost 8 years.


This here is an "above-average in-depth" battery test for my GW 46mm LTE. I have done several similar before by taking notes but this is the cleanest data so far as I stretched it until the end. At the final 5%, I switched to Battery Save mode and it died ca 45 min later entirely.


Let me clear: I am one of those mad people who expected the watch could actually replace my smartphone. Let's be frank: the battery just doesn't cut it.


In brief: I wore the watch from morning till evening for 12,5h and LTE was constantly on but all other apps, comms, etc were all closed. BLE was on for headphones only when listening to music or making calls. Within this timeframe, I managed to listen to 2h of music (downloaded & streaming combined), make a few calls and hold one 1h circuit training session.


I'd say this 12,5h with LTE only is probably not bad but this battery performance is NOT ENOUGH for a stress-free daily use, especially since the watch charges very slowly. Basically, if I were to use it as the only calling device I'd be stressing about the battery every day, as I actually like to listen to even more music and most days have more calls. If I wouldn't charge it over the day in the office, for example, I'd be very stressed towards my training in the evening as the battery wouldn't last. Even while testing last night during my workout I actually streamed music from my phone for that hour!


Total watch on 12h 33min
Total Spotify streaming 1:10
Total Spotify downloaded 0:56
Total calls 16min 46s
Total standby (no activities) 8:26
Training session 1:00


Streaming music on Spotify drained ca 20% per h while making calls turned out the heaviest on battery, resulting in ca 36% drop per hour. Surprisingly streaming music and playing back downloaded tracks had less difference than expected, making streaming-only ca 5%/h more draining. This is probably due to the higher use of Bluetooth that has to transmit more data. All this here is only according to my test so it might be some sort of anomaly as well, I haven't tested the watch for many days, in different temperatures, etc.


Anyone with interest how it went in detail can view my logfile here


So - it seems there isn't enough battery-capable smartwatch out there today to use medium-extensively for a day and get 14-15h out from, which leaves me stuck with my smartphone - an item I actually would like to disregard, but going to a brick phone seems like going back (that's a whole another topic). So from my perspective, I don't actually need the LTE as I'm imprisoned to my smartphone anyway. So - from my perspective - I could use any cheaper alternative with Bluetooth (BLE) only.

Samsung GW won my heart with the amazing production quality (moving bezel, rubberized buttons, universal strap selection) and LTE + waterproofness. It's still a great watch to have if you like the idea of going for a run with all the music & podcasts in the world in your ears, going for a swim, paying for a smoothie and even getting an Uber home - all from your wrist. But unfortunately it can't do all that for a full active day.



Verdict: GW 46mm LTE is not suitable as a standalone calling device to replace your smartphone entirely.


Hereafter my suggestion to you, SAMSUNG: please consider an update with "Battery Save LTE" version (if that makes technical sense). For people as myself, I could easily have only 2G for that time just to be sure I have calls & messages coming through. Most of the time we don't need 4G, HRM and all that jazz :winking-face:

And one more thing: I know Apple is screwing you by disabling ports. Now grow some balls and team up with Facebook & develop native messaging apps so we can receive and respond to messages in LTE mode and while synced to iPhones. This is in your own best interest, you're losing iPhone users and that's what Apple wants! The only reason they screw with you is that your watches are actually so good! 

Sincerely Yours,

And community - how are your watches holding battery? All comments and ideas welcome!


First Poster

Hello Peeter, hi everybody!


What phone are you using?

BT version on your phone can affect battery life, if it's older than v4.0, but you know that...


I just started my adventure with GW (LTE).

At the beginning I've had terrible experience with iPhone SE: limited functionality, problems with syncing, poor battery life.

As alternative I have (SIM-less) Galaxy 6 Edge which gives much better results in Phone-Watch communication. It allows you to install apps from Galaxy Store, I haven't found a solution for iOS to do that.

Therefor I can not recommend GW to any iPhone user, not with clear conscience.

I will look more into battery usage starting today and will come back with my report in few weeks.