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Battery life Watch 4 only 5 hours!

(Topic created on: 22-01-2023 03:54 PM)

Hi, I've had my Watch 4 only a couple of weeks, my first smart watch actually and so far I'm unimpressed as the battery dies by lunchtime each day. I don't wear it at night, so it starts every morning with a fresh charge.. I'm not very techy so please bear this in mind when replying! 😂 Many thanks. 



Check if you have the following turned on as these consume the most battery -

Continuous hearth monitoring (change this to every 10 mins) and stress monitoring ( change this to manual) in Settings > Samsung Health.

Turn off 'Hey Google' if you have activated.

Turning off some other settings when not in use, will also help save the battery - WiFi, NFC and GPS.

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Hi @Sarebighair  Do you have the Bluetooth version or  LTE (cellular network connection  which requires esim) Anyway that seems very low Battery Life. on Wearable App if you go to Watch-Settings-Battery can view the stats (is there anything in particular using high Usage?)    if you take a screenshot and post that may help, if there any apps you do not require  can uninstall though.

In addition to the advice by @Neo001 Static watch faces are best for Battery life,though some may prefer the fancier types.    Consider how many notifications you need and for instance you can just show alerts on watch if phone not in use.   You may also wish to look at Activities to Detect.  At times you may wish to consider a Power Saving Mode rather than using the Always On Display.

However check you have the latest update via Settings-Software Update  on the watch when connected (Power Saving must be switched off to do this). Can also do it via  the Wearable App on the phone via Watch Settings.   If still problem after taking the steps we both have mentioned  advisable to restart the watch as  can sort out some bugs,hold the Power and Back Buttons for around 7 seconds.

If does not sort it you may need to reset by going to Settings-About Watch-Reset (on ether watch or phone).

Some further information(though a fair bit of it has been covered ) in this article 

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I have the same problem. My old watch would last a day or more if I didn't use it much. My new watch, which I got for going on hikes so I could contact people without having my phone, dies midway through the day. I can't use my watch as an emergency contact if dies before the hike is finished.