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Battery drain galaxy active watch 2




How can I see which app is draining my battery on the galaxy watch?

I believe it is Strava, without using it. But I'm not quite sure.

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Their most recent update, almost a month ago now, has ruined the app on the watch. My battery doesn't last half as long as it used to now.
I'm also having the same problem ; any ideas as to solve this problem as the watch is now unusable?
My watch active 2 sometimes drains down really fast. It can go from 80% battery to 15% in 2 hours. Today the battery was on 70% when I woke, I did an hours workout and about an hour after my watch vibrated to tell me tgat tge battery was low and told me to switch to battery saving mode. I out it on the charger as tge battery was 11% and left it for an hour and a half and when I checked on it the battery was only on 33%. I hope that my watch isn't having battery issues after less than a year!
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So has anyone had any luck getting battery looked at by Samsung Support? Mine goes from 30-35% to switching off in about 15 minutes!

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I have had this issue start a few days ago. This morning my battery went from 40% to 11% in ten minutes. Anyone find a solution?

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