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Badminton tracking


As for tennis tracking, also for badminton I can write that we are only able to select it as an activity in S Health on our smartphones, but not on our s gear s3 would be great if S Health on smartwatches would support same activities as they are supported in S Health on smartphones (why should I play badminton with my smartphone in a pocket if I have a gear s3 on my hand?)!


@AndreGrunow wrote:

I am also interested in adding trainings availabale on the smartphone SHealth app to the galaxy watch. What is this function in the SHealth for when the watch is not supporting it? I do not understand this.


@Samsung: Maybe someone from Samsung might be able to drop some words here...

The shealth app is not soly for the watch, it can be used independently, but who would play a sport with their phone on them and risk breaking it (especially if you're a diver like me). So useless without a watch or wearable tracker

Does Samsung even read these messages, I am very disappointed to read all these messages and no reply from Samsung, perhaps us customers are unimportant?
Anyway it is ludicrous that Badminton appears on S Health but cannot be added to the watch, the apps really should mirror each other.

I don't think they do read these posts they are more interested in selling, but I posted this on another thread so I will post here as well it might shame them into replying.


You would think that with Samsung being a Korean country with a long history of world class badminton players, they would have the nous to at least allow tennis to be installed on their watches. 


The mind boggles I think I will be getting a refund and going back to Polar. 



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