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At My Wit's End - LTE-Enabled Galaxy Watch on T-MOBILE USA Will Not Update!

(Topic created on: 29-01-2019 08:17 PM)
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Since I purchased the watch from my local T-Mobile back in August 2018, I have never been able to update the thing. battery life is abysmal along with a few other glitches. According to T-Mobile (and their "updates" website), I should have received at least 2 updates since then.

I am currently running SW version R805USQU1ARH8
Tizen Version

The watch, itself, does not have an "update SW" option.

The Wearable app always gives me the same message..."You're on the latest software version. No updates available"

Everyone, from Samsung to T-Mobile's reps seem completely stumped. I have reset the watch, reset the phone, updated the Wearable app, so many times I have lost track - I'm hoping that someone here can help me fix this issue.


Samsung's latest advice was for me to go to Best Buy (Samsung store) and have them update it - Thanks Samsung - When I arrived, they told me that Samsung took that capability away from the stores and they wished Samsung would stop sending customers there.


This, truly, has become unbearable - All I want is decent battery life and the ability to get updates - Not too much to ask.

Thanks in advance.