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AoD if Galaxy watch is placed on charger?




I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm LTE). Every night I put the watch onto the charger which is placed on my bedside table. Even If I switch on AoD the watch turns black after a few seconds.

My question now is there any way to keep the display on all night if the watch is charging?

I want to use the watch as small night clock with digital numbers (brightness very low) - how can I get that?

Thanks for any help!

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Why is this not a feature.  Literally day one stuff.  How hard is it to enable?

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This situation is such a shame. It really reflects poorly on Samsung's ability to give the consumer what they want. I'd like to have my watch, which is already sitting upright in a charging cradle, a design choice which increased the complexity and cost of the charger, be able to act as a desk clock, but instead it sits there with it's OLED screen letting me know it's at some percentage of charge, forever. How the TEAM of devs couldn't think to, at the very least, have a small time displayed above the charge percentage is beyond me, and I'm left even more confused if it was a conscious decision.

Your main competitor has this as a feature. People like this feature. It makes sense to have a time piece continue being a time piece even if it's charging. It doesn't make sense to have a watch stop telling the time because it's getting some juice.

Do they have a patent or something along those lines on this feature which prevents Samsung from including it? At the very least please disclose this tot he community so the ire can be directed to someone else. 

Eight pages of people discussing a feature that should've been shipped with the watch on release.

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