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AoD if Galaxy watch is placed on charger?




I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm LTE). Every night I put the watch onto the charger which is placed on my bedside table. Even If I switch on AoD the watch turns black after a few seconds.

My question now is there any way to keep the display on all night if the watch is charging?

I want to use the watch as small night clock with digital numbers (brightness very low) - how can I get that?

Thanks for any help!

@Mr_Burns: When certain features are active on the watch the Always On display is automatically deactivated. With this in mind please go to your Quick Panel and ensure that the following modes are disabled when you dock the watch at night: Theatre, Water Lock and Goodnight. Double check that Always On is active by opening your Quick Panel and tapping the clock symbol or go to Settings > Watch Faces > Watch Always On and you should be good to go.


Hi AndrewL,


thanks for reply, but I never turned on Theatre, Water Lock and Goodnight. I checked again that these modes are really off. Further I checked that AoD is switched on.

If I put the watch on the charger, the watch shows the current charging status then it switches to the 'normal' watch face. After around 20 seconds the watch display turns black / off - even if AoD is switched on and the other modes (as you requested) are turned off.


What I am missing?





I've had a look into this for you and can see that the Always On feature only seems to work when you are wearing the watch and the screen will still timeout when it is left inactive or on charge. At this time it isn't possible to leave the screen on while it is docked therefore I would recommend docking the device so the Back Key/Home Key are accessible and you can simply tap either button to wake up the display. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.


your response about "pushing the button" to get the watch to turn on while charging is ridiculous.


try doing that at 3am


major design flaw along with others sited - hope your "executives" read this stuff.


watch is going back - not ready for prime time.


I'll use my $10 timex


Hi all.


I've pitched the option of 'AOD whilst on charge' idea as a Suggestion for our R&D team - and will let peeps know of the feedback we get from them. 



Seems that our developers liked this one – and probably will implement it in the future. So good shout there on asking about it, @Mr_Burns:smiling-face-with-sunglasses::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


this is a MUST.... what is the point of a watch, if you have to take it off everynight to charge it, and it does not tell you the time by just glancing at it on your bedside table!!!


I have a few days left until I can't return the watch. I want to like it but small features like this are quite ridiculous that they aren't on here by default. On top of that, watch features like timers, intervals, etc are left up to shoddy developers. Why is it so hard to do simple features that are no brainiers??!


Lol it's a watch not an alarm clock. Good luck with your Timex. I'm sure their forums will perfectly stimulate your intellect.


PS Larryn, you said try doing that at 3am. Why do you need to press the button to see the time if you already know it's 3am? 

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