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AoD if Galaxy watch is placed on charger?




I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm LTE). Every night I put the watch onto the charger which is placed on my bedside table. Even If I switch on AoD the watch turns black after a few seconds.

My question now is there any way to keep the display on all night if the watch is charging?

I want to use the watch as small night clock with digital numbers (brightness very low) - how can I get that?

Thanks for any help!


Wtf Samsung?? Can you fix this?? Can't believe you cannot leave the screen AoD on while charging... This is ridiculous... 

I believe I know why.  Remember the issue with LG OLED TV "burn in, where  sustained bright images remain, or ghost, into the screen?  I believed the Samsung watches are an OLED display, and sustained images might somehow burn into the watch face. 

I understand that. But I am personally using Watchface for my faces... The analog AoD is super clean.. 2 white arrows to indicate the time. There is no risk as of burning the screen.. Background is fully black and those arrows move with time.. Just like during day time.. It's not like I have a full JPG on the background that might indeed burn my screen... 

I agree with the oled issue but they can make the screen dim out then fade back on every few minutes to "reset" the leds, or have a thin black line "wipe" the screen every few.

Come on SAMSUNG..... Apple has been doing this since thier series 1 watch.

I think there are enough peope interested in this, that you should be able to make this happen.

It's interesting to see that @Mr_Burns  thinks this watch SHOULD have come with such an obvious feature. It wasn't until further investigation that he found out it didn't have this option. I would've loved to be there when he found out it didn't come with this STANDARD feature.

shame on you Samsung, it would be so easy to implement apple users are having fun of us because of your poor coding skills!!!:serious-face-with-symbols-covering-mouth:


Completely agree.  If the watch already displays a moving charge icon, surely it can't be hard to add the ability to change this to a small digital clock?

Hallo ich habe zwei Themen zu meiner Samsung Whatch:


Gibt es mittlerweile die Funktion "Always on while Charging "? Und falls ja: wie bzw. Mit welchem face?


Das andere:

Ich nach wie vor auf der Suche nach einem vernünftigen Face für den Sport:

Das Display sollte dann immer an sein jedoch nicht die Uhrzeit zeigen, sondern die wichtigen Daten für meinen Sport (Puls/Pace/Distance/Stopwhatch/Lap ... usw.)


Was könnt ihr mir empfehlen?

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I have a Samsung Watch 46mm (LTE) and I noticed with the last update a couple of new things.
One was that it now has a torch in the Quick Settings and the other was that when the Goodnight Mode is switched on (also in the Quick Settings) it shows the time on the screen when on charge.  

I hadn't used this setting for a while so I was quite surprised. I had been reading again the notes on here and when I looked at the watch there was the time as it was sitting on the charger!!
I do see a couple of problems:
One being it doesn't appear the move (other than a different time) and the other problem is it seems to take longer to charge (although sitting on the charger all night may not be a problem).
Anyway, I'll check it out and experiment with it. LOL.

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