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AoD if Galaxy watch is placed on charger?




I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm LTE). Every night I put the watch onto the charger which is placed on my bedside table. Even If I switch on AoD the watch turns black after a few seconds.

My question now is there any way to keep the display on all night if the watch is charging?

I want to use the watch as small night clock with digital numbers (brightness very low) - how can I get that?

Thanks for any help!


Glad to hear this. Looking forward to the update. 

How many months and this still hasn't been implemented? Get your ***** together samsung

Download the app A Am Alive and thats all.

I am Aliive will burn out the screen because it doesn't shift the image automatically like AOD .

I would be happy to hear from Samsung when this update will be inplemented. Really surprising that it's missing...

The app means that the update is not necessary. You can get the results you want without the any update.

It doesn’t work with Galaxy Watch. An update IS required.

I have the galaxy watch and it does work. You must be doing something wrong.

You wouldn't want this feature unless you want OLED screenburning 

I also would love to have to feature on my watch.

The same thing for my arms, because i have tattooed arms and the heart rate sensor doesn't work.. The watch doesn't detect if it is weared or not.

A feature to disable the wearing detection would solve both issues!

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