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Am I Expecting Too Much From Active Watch 2???

(Topic created on: 30-04-2020 08:46 PM)
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Hi All


I purchased the 46mm Active Watch 2 - LTE Version about a month ago,  and I want it to do 2 things - 


1- Track my run/walk/exercise 

2- Play Spotify 


I want it to do both these things without needing my phone, as I have a note 8, and strapping that to your arm is a bit of a pain due to size. 


But about 5 mins into the exercise whether that be a run, or a walk, the watch starts to overheat, which stops everything until it cools. 


I thought it was an issue with the hardware, so got a replacement from Samsung, but the same thing is happening with this one. 


I thought it was Samsung health auto detection trying to detect too many activites, so started using Strava, and switched off all auto detection, but this still hasnt helped. 


I play Spotify from downloaded music, rather than streaming, and play it through Bluetooth headphones.


Is anyone else having these issues? Am i doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to limit CPU speed to help keep it cool?  Or is it just that I am expecting far too much from a watch designed to be used as an exercise watch. 


The ambient temperature is only around 15-16C, so that shouldnt be an issue, sometimes the watch works fine, but more often than not, its over heats and crashes. 


Can anyone help?



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Update for anyone that is interested- 

It seems the issue is happening when the watch is "hunting" for signal.  I have Mendip hills next to where i live, and so the signal is rubbish.   I have found that turning off mobile data really saves the battery, allowing the watch to do other things, like track a run, play downloaded spoitfy. 


It is a work around for now, as i am still contactable by phone with my phone.  


But i do hope this is an issue that samsung are working on.