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Alti-barometer on S3 frontier

(Topic created on: 03-12-2018 07:27 PM)
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I am slightly confused on how Baro-alt works on this watch, since I am used to ABC watches and in theory the barometer should calculate absolute pressure in the background and the main screen should present a Sea level pressure by default based on measuring  set  altitude refrence. The gear is allowing for seal pressure calibration which is strange!!! The developer should try to lock the settings of whichever reading the the user wants. IE if you are in a fixed location the barometer should be set automatically to only measure air pressure. Should the user move in ascent or descent then the altimeter gets triggered to measure altitude. Surely if Suunto can have automatic mode in their watches a smart app must have it too. So moving forward SLP should be displayed on the main screen while absolute is ticking along in the background. Manual and automatic mode should be available for the user to choose best settings depending on the activity. Any suggestions would be great.