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Allergic reaction to watch




Is anyone else experiencing an alergic reaction the the galaxy watch?
Hello @Leeannmc82! When you wear the Galaxy Watch for a long time or do a high-intensity exercise while wearing it, skin irritation may occur due to friction and pressure. If you are wearing your Galaxy Watch for a long time, remove the Galaxy Watch from your wrist and do not wear your Galaxy Watch for several hours.

• Skin irritation may occur due to an allergy, environment factors, other factors, or when your skin is exposed to soap or sweat for long periods. In this case, stop using your Galaxy Watch and wait 2 or 3 days for the symptoms to ease. If the symptoms persist or worsen, immediately call your doctor.
• Make sure your skin is dry before wearing your Galaxy Watch. If you wear a wet Galaxy Watch for a long time, your skin may be affected.
• If you use your Galaxy Watch in the water, remove foreign materials from your skin and Galaxy Watch and dry them thoroughly to prevent the skin irritation.
• Do not use any accessories except the Galaxy Watch in the water.

I take it off overnight to charge. That should be a sufficient time off my wrist. I had an apple watch previously and never had an issue. From doing some searching online it appears that there is a significant amount of people experiencing the exact same issue.  Is there another strap available? 

Would you be able to stop wearing your watch for 2/3 days and see if these symptoms ease? It might be worth checking in with your local GP to rule out an allergic reaction.


There are Galaxy Watch straps available on our website, which can be found here!

Yes I am too, I have been wearing watch for 2 months and it’s only developed. I tried wearing on my other arm and the rash developed there also. It’s extremely frustrating after the price I paid!! 



I have the same issue. This started recently and burns when I put anything on it. 


I have the same issue with my watch. I'm super pale so its looks very red. 20190627_155012.jpg


The easiest solution is to buy a different watch strap which personally samsung should do something about????

Yes there other strap you can buy 

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