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All about Galaxy Buds

(Topic created on: 02-03-2021 05:47 PM)
Samsung Members Star ★★★

Last January, Samsung unveiled several new features including its fourth generation of wireless headphones: the  Galaxy Buds Pro. 🎶

Allowing you to listen to your favorite playlists or enjoy videos in complete freedom without compromising on sound quality, wireless headphones have become almost essential accessories in everyday life.

But how to use them well? We have selected some FAQs for you:

How to pair your Buds 

Galaxy Buds Pro

How do i use my Galaxy Buds Pro properly ? 

Are my Galaxy Buds Pro water resistant ? 

How do I use the new widgets to manage Galaxy Buds Pro ?

Listen to my content with the Galaxy Buds Pro 360 Audio mode  

How do i use the active noise control feature on my Galaxy Buds Pro ?  

Galaxy Buds Live

How to create a touch control on Galaxy Buds Live ? 

How do i get the best possible audio quality with the Buds Galaxy Live ? 

How do i use the Galaxy Buds Live's active noise cancellation feature ? 

Galaxy Buds/Buds+

How do I clean my Galaxy Buds / Buds +?

How to connect and update your Galaxy Buds + with a Galaxy smartphone ?

Tips and precautions for charging my Galaxy Buds + 

How do I pair and change connected devices with my Galaxy Buds + ? 

How do I pair my Galaxy Buds + with Windows 10 

How do i pair and set up my Galaxy Buds ?

How do I avoid sound-image lag on my Galaxy Buds + ? 

Why can't I connect my Galaxy Buds ? 

How to connect and update my Galaxy Buds ?  

And you, what are the features of your headphones that you prefer ?

P.S. Because sometimes i don't understand everything clearly with  technical support  in english, i found a  french webpage with all informations about Galaxy Buds, so i asked them the permission to reproduce their page and they accept...I just have to found all  UK links and translate the page. So I would like to say Thanks to  @ClemenceA  fom France , Original post her


N.B. If you find any mistakes or bad links, please tell me


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