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Active Watch 2

(Topic created on: 03-05-2021 07:54 PM)
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Hi I bought the Active Watch 2 about 2 weeks ago and slowly getting my head around it.  A few things on there I either don't like or maybe aren't "right" and hoping someone might shred some light on them.

(1)  Steps aren't counted accurately - I can walk up a flight of steps and it doesn't record.  I "pace" up and down the kitchen to get steps in and again it doesn't record. 

(2) I went for a 40 minute run on Sunday and it only recorded 2  minutes worth as a run (automatically) and 0 minutes on the green part of the "heart" meaning that my movement wasn't recorded as "active"

(3) Battery lasts just 1 day - I'm sure it's claimed it can run up to 5 days.  This simply isn't the case.

(4) went on a drive on Sunday through some country lanes and it started recording that i was on a bike ride!!!


Don't know if there is a software upgrade i can search for but I bought it to record fitness etc and it's not doing the job.  Can anyone help / advise?!




I only have one of those problem my battery only last a day but I've just gotten use to it
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I have a similar issue regarding the step counter, as I drive for a living it records steps alot while I'm driving.
Have you tried pressing and holding the power button, keep holding until it says rebooting and that should soft reset it, nothing lost
Also look in the galaxy wearable app in the galaxy store and see if there is an update
The I really hope they get the next watch right. I have the Galaxy Watch 3 and it has just not lived up to the expectations at all. Battery can probably be fixed easily enough I think I wrote a detailed post about how I maximised the battery on mine and I got 2 days consistently up until the recent update where it took a knock of about 1/2 day but thata not an issue to me. I charge it fast by turning it off when it's charging and it's 100% in no time at all.