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active 2 LTE returning it. don't buy

(Topic created on: 06-07-2020 10:45 AM)
Totally useless. It can't update it's own Bixby because it's own galaxy store can't connect to its own account. As with all things Samsung great hardware, terrible software and architecture.

Samsung completely failed tying the stores to the Sims, and for premium phones when you travel the world and change Sims one minute your store is all in Chinese and with unfamiliar apps (yes I set it to English), then it's Korean when you go to Korea etc.

For this then you find your Samsung pay can't work in said region, maybe Bixby can't update, back in the day every single vr app would uninstall along with framework automatically if you put a Chinese sim in. The list of issues are endless with Samsung because they stupidly went down the route they can't out of instead of tying users store to their payment method, used SIM instead.

And so here we are in 2020, and it's same.  The latest watch won't work properly , I'm in Canada and  the cloud isn't accessible during the wearable setup, the store won't connect from the watch so the terrible Bixby can't install, nothing works. Ok, so I'm getting the 600 ish dollar refund for watch  (they even expect you to revalidate the cards from same account because it's a different device which you already verified on same account wtf!). And this is last time I buy anything premium from Samsung. I don't like apple at all but none of my friends face any of these issues, their watch and payments just work, and their store and language stays same.

Samsung you suck!

Yeah, I can't return mine but I'm also disatisfied about the services of this watch. It's 2020 and it behaves as an experimental piece of equipment from the year 2000. It's slow like an old computer. The only thing I like is the screen. The rest is underdeveloped ideas.