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Active 2 LTE GPS and sleeptracking

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Hi! First of all, have Active 2 LTE recieved the same GPS-improvement update as the BT-model? If you look at samsung "notify update" page for LTE- and BT-model respectively, the GPS-improvement is only mentioned for the BT-model.


Second of all, isn't the watch supposed to use phones GPS when connected via bluetooth? Mine clearly doesn't since it still cant find GPS-signal inside and takes just as long to find GPS-signal outside compared to not being connected to the phone. Is there some setting for this?


Then I also wonder about sleeptracking, goodnight mode and heart rate settings. If I set heart rate to manual measure only, does it still measure my heart rate during sleep so it doesn't affect the accuracy? And could you somehow get goodnight mode to.


Thanks in advance!



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