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Active 2 ECG not cleared by the FDA




I just read that the Active 2 did not get FDA clearence for the ECG function, while the Watch 3 got the clearence. What does Samsung have to say about that?! 

I bought this watch for the ECG as I am in need of that! 


If this is true and we are not getting the ECG on our Active 2, it would be the last Samsung product I buy, ever. I always have used Samsung, and only Samsung. I woukd say, a very big scam...



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They said at unpacked that the active 2 will be getting ECG soon but considering the watch 3 (which isn't even out yet) has got the clearance before the active 2, it's pretty annoying

Yeah, I know that. But the fact that Watch 3 got it before the older Active 2 makes us guess that we are never getting an option that was advertised by Samsung, which is very bad for the community...

If we are never getting it, than I would expect a simple swap for us with an Active 2, our watch for the new Watch 3. All that because of they decieved us...

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I think you will find that they were waiting for FDA clearance regardless. Now it does seem coincidence that we received this news on the same day as Samsung's event day, but they clearly stated that their software is now approved, so fingers crossed it won't be long.
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Maybe blame the FDA and not samsung
Totally agree if ECG us not going to be on action 2 main reason I bought it should be a straight swop to customer s for samsung 3 ,Has anyone on here bought the s3 is ecg working on it? why have they released licence for so before it was on market This is a pure scam ,if nothing is done to accommodate us we should be able to go further .

Camt blame the FDA for Samsung false promise... I hope we get it.

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