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Activate watch 46mm lte on new esim provider in belgium

(Topic created on: 23-02-2020 01:18 PM)

I own a galaxy watch 46mm lte for several months now.  I bought this german lte model from to be used in belgium, hoping there would be a esim provider soon in belgium.


Finally, since last Friday, Orange belgium officially supports esim, even mentioning the galaxy watch lte as compatible device on their website.

So I rushed to an orange store and bought a contract for my watch (I'm wasn't an orange customer untill then).  

They gave me an physical orange sim for my s10+, and a qr code to be scanned with the samsung wearable app.  However the physical nano sim was never activated, even today it isn't active yet, only emergency dialing.  When i try to scan the qr code, the wearable app doesnt allow me to scan, giving an error the my provider isnt supported by my watch.


I already went back to the store, called customer support but they only tell me to wait another 48 houres, the nano sim would eventually activate itself.  Still nothing...

Strange thing is when I put an active orange card in my phone (the store worker gave me his sim card to test) i still get the message that orange network is not supported?   


How does this come?  What is the deciding factor to get to the qr scanning part?  Is it some option on my contract (esim allowed) or does the samsung wearable have some sort of database of allowed providers? Im afraid that when my nano sim eventually comes online I will still get the message of not supported network..