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Absense of Daily Briefing and sleep tracking bug on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

(Topic created on: 21-09-2021 10:39 PM)
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 * It is my understanding that after the switch from Tizen to WearOS, the Daily Briefing functionality was never implemented on Galaxy Watch 4. It is one of the features that I miss the most from my good old Watch Active 2. Are there any plans from the development team that Daily Briefing will be supported in the near future?

* I guess this has been mentioned a lot already: While Galaxy Watch 4 tracks sleeping periods consistently, if the watch gets disconnected from the phone - say you put it in airplane mode because you don't want it connected while sleeping, or you connect it via bluetooth only once a day to synchronize it with the phone - it saves only one sleep session. All the rest get tracked, but not saved on the watch. You need to turn on bluetooth, connect the watch to your phone, let it sync the sleep session it tracked, and then if you disconnect it, it will track and save data for another sleep session. Many users complain that when they wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the watch stops the current sleep session, saves it, but does not continue tracking (most probably their watch is not connected to their phone). This is a HUGE bug, not present in Tizen and should definitely be fixed (please :smiling-face: ).